Your software development partner

Our highly motivated team is ready to push its boundaries for you!
As a center of excellence in ICT, ANDROME has become the preferred software partner for innovative and hi-tech solutions for both large multinationals and SMEs. Our customers all share the need for state of the art, sound and solid solutions which support them to grow their respective businesses.
Our team exists of highly educated (master, PhD, … ) computer scientists with a strong affinity for research. They are driven to keep up with new technologies and are able to master them within a short period of time. This allows us to provide our customers with state-of-the art novelties following the latest trends in the fast growing ICT business.

Software innovation: a competitive advantage

Research lies at the roots of Androme’s activities. We have maintained this affinity with R&D and are passionate about mastering technological novelties. Our dedication to research enables us to deliver state-of-the art innovative software. We are convinced that our sustained research efforts render a big competitive advantage for ourselves and our customers.

Customer-oriented: your needs, our priority

A combination of in-depth functional analysis & rapid prototyping is a flexible way of working that enables us to fine-tune your project to your specific needs. Based on our broad experience in a variety of businesses and industries, we are able to deliver high quality, custom-made software on time and within budget.

Going mobile: a must for your business

As mobile devices have become an integral part of our society, we encourage our customers to take part in this growing market. As an innovative company we are able to deliver apps that are fully compatible with all available platforms (IOS, Android, Web). With Androme as your software partner, you can rest assured that your business reaches the full potential of the mobile world.

All-in solutions: Backend & Frontend

With Androme as your partner, there is no need to run back and forth between different development parties. Our highly trained team consists of both frontend and backend developers enabling us to take your software project fully into our capable hands, from start to finish and beyond.

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